Elaine Neil Orr (04/09/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #12

April 9, 2018

Charlie Lovett talks with fellow North Carolina writer Elaine Neill Orr about her new novel Swimming Between Worlds, set in Charlie's home town of Winston-Salem, NC. Our discussion covers local history, race relations (the book is set in the early 1960s), and Elaine's own experience growing up in two worlds—in Nigeria with her missionary parents, and in the American South, when the family came back every three years.


Ben Guterson (3/28/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #11

March 29, 2018

Charlie Lovett talks with Ben Guterson about his middle grades novel Winterhouse, an Indie Next pick. Winterhouse features a young girl sent away alone to a mysterious hotel in the snowy mountains. Our discussion ranged from working with an illustrator to the use of first person narrative to the inspirations for Winterhouse itself—from the Grove Park Inn to The Shining.


Frank Morelli (2/28/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #10

March 1, 2018

Charlie Lovett talks with former Summit School colleague Frank Morelli about his debut Young Adult novel No Sad Songs, a moving story about a high school senior who has to care for his ailing grandfather suffering from dementia. From family dynamics to care for the elderly to music to Philadelphia sports teams—our conversation was wide ranging and enjoyable, just like Frank's book.


Charlie Lovett (2/4/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #9

February 4, 2018

In our first episode that is a monologue rather than a conversation, Charlie Lovett talks about his new novel The Lost Book of the Grail, out in paperback from Penguin Books. Charlie talks about his research into English cathedrals, medieval manuscripts, and a host of other topics as he reveals secrets about his novel that spans 1500 years in the history of an English city and one very fusty protagonist.


Gregory Maguire (12/12/17) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #8

December 12, 2017

Charlie Lovett talks to international best selling author Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked and After Alice about his latest novel Hiddensee, inspired by the legend of the Nutcracker. Gregory talks about the influence of Grimm and other traditional fairy tales, his travels in Europe researching the book, and this dark, moving take on old European legends.


Emily Wilson (12/6/17) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #7

December 7, 2017

Charlie Lovett talks with old family friend Emily Herring Wilson about her new book on Eleanor Roosevelt, The Three Graces of Val-Kill. The two compare notes on trips to Roosevelt houses in Hyde Park, and Emily tells stories about her conversations with Roosevelt descendents in this candid conversation about a little explored aspect of the life of the first lady.


Samantha Silva (11/14/17) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #6

November 14, 2017

Charlie Lovett talks with Samantha Silva about her new novel, Mr. Dickens and his Carol, in which she presents a delightful fictional version of the creation of Charles Dickens's beloved A Christmas Carol. Charlie's own novella, The Further Adventure of Ebenezer Scrooge give the two plenty of common ground to discuss the novelist, Victorian London, and the traditions of Christmas.


John Grisham (7/12/17) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #5

October 19, 2017

In a twist on our usual format, John Grisham talks with Charlie Lovett about the world of books, writing, and bookselling. Recorded live at the newly opened Bookmarks gathering space and non-profit independent bookstore in downtown Winston-Salem. Charlie helped John with background research for his recent novel about a rare manuscript heist, Camino Island, and John wrote  of Charlie's novel The Lost Book of the Grail, "I enjoyed it immensely."


Holly Goddard Jones (9/29/17) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #4

October 2, 2017

Charlie Lovett talks with Holly Goddard Jones about her dystopian novel The Salt Line. Set in a future in which safe zones are surrounded by walls and a tick-borne disease can mean instant and painful death for those who venture into the "wilderness," the book has great relevance for today's America.


Robin Sloan (9/9/2017) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #3

September 10, 2017

Charlie Lovett talks with fellow New York Times bestseller Robin Sloan about his new novel Sourdough—a combination of high tech and old fashioned baking set in San Francisco. Recorded at the Bookmarks Festival Books and Authors in Winston-Salem, NC, the conversation delves into issues of writing, family, society, and how to enjoy a nice loaf of sourdough.