Roshani Chokshi (1/15/19) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #29

January 14, 2019

Charlie talks with the delightfully witty Roshani Chokshi about her new novel The Gilded Wolves with digressions into the place of mythology in fiction, how to own your own diversity, what's so great about the Eiffel Tower, and how to sneak into a St. Tropez night club. Roshani was at Bookmarks to launch her new novel, the first in a trilogy, which she calls "National Treasure" with more attractive people and a colonialism agenda. 


Ebenezer Scrooge (12/20/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #28

December 20, 2018

In a special Christmas episode Charlie speaks to a live audience about his Christmas book The Further Adventures of Ebenezer Scrooge and then calls upon his long-ago theatrical training to provide a reading of the first chapter of Scrooge's new adventures.


Megan Bryant (12/10/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #27

December 9, 2018

Charlie talks with children's and young adult author Megan Bryant about living in Winston-Salem, writing picture books, and her most recent young adult novel Glow, based on the story of young women who supported the war effort in WWI by painting watch dials with radium. Megan tells us about her research and shares some of the amazing story of this novel.


Virginia Pye (11/30/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #26

November 29, 2018

Charlie talks with award-winning author Virginia Pye about her newest collection of short stories Shelf Life of Happiness. They delve into the nature of short stories and of storytelling, inhabiting characters across differences, setting as character, and even how the weather can effect the mood of a story. If you've ever tried to write a short story, you'll want to listen in!


Lisa Gabriele (11/20/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #25

November 19, 2018

Charlie talks with Lisa Gabriele about her new novel The Winters, inspired by Daphne Du Maurier's immortal thriller, Rebecca. Charlie and Lisa discuss foreshadowing, women's relationships, MeToo, reader expectations and much more. 


David Grann (11/10/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #24

November 10, 2018

Charlie talks with New Yorker staff writer and author of The Lost City of Z about his new book The White Darkness, the story of Antarctic explorer Henry Worsley. Ever wondered what it would be like to trek across hundreds of miles of Antarctica all by yourself? Of course you have, so listen in!


Sarah McCoy (10/30/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #23

October 29, 2018

Charlie talks with his neighbor and friend New York Times bestseller Sarah McCoy about her new novel Marilla of Green Gables, set in the Anne of Green Gables universe. Their discussion ranges from visits to Prince Edward Island, to writing the story of an already beloved character, to the evolving definition of a feminist.


Kelly Barnhill (10/20/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #22

October 19, 2018

Charlie talks with Newberry Medal winner Kelly Barnhill about life as a mother and writer, baking pie, winning awards, and her 2018 collection Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories. The discussion ranges from magical realism and fairy tales to hiking and telling stories to our children.


Alan Gratz (10/10/18) Inside the Writers’ Studio Episode #21

October 9, 2018

Charlie talks with middle-grade writer Alan Gratz about his historical fiction, including his latest novel, Grenade, set during the Battle of Okinawa in World War II. Alan talks about helping kids understand the difficult realities of history, finding ways to help them to connect the past to their own experience, and what it's like to seek out ways to put "kid protagonists" in the middle of historic events.


Lee Zacharias (9/30/18) Inside the Writer’s Studio Episode #20

September 29, 2018

Charlie chats with Greensboro novelist Lee Zacharias about her new novel Across the Great Lake, wich he calls a "lyrical novel full of indelible imagery." They discuss how the novel, set on a frozen Lake Michigan in 1932, deals with retrospective point of view, non-linear narration, magical realism, and recreating a unique moment in time and space.